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Seena Hamilton Laurel Springs Award Given - (10/06/2008)
Seena Hamilton presented Ester Goldfeld, a 15-year-old native of Brooklyn and one of last year's Easter Bowl quarterfinalists, the prestigious Seena Hamilton Laurel Springs Scholarship during the U.S. Open. The 2007 award went to another New Yorker who now trains at the Ojai Weil Academy, Gail Brodsky.

Laurel Springs School is an accredited personalized K-12 distance learning school located in Ojai. Hundreds of junior tennis players complete their=2 0high school studies at Laurel Springs before entering college or turning professional.

“Like Seena, Laurel Springs has changed the face of junior tennis by providing student athletes with a flexible schedule, allowing them to travel to competitions worldwide,” said Marilyn Mosley Gordanier, founder and executive director of Laurel Springs School.

Laurel Springs had eight students participating in this year’s U. S. Open, including Newport Beach’s Alexa Glatch, Los Angeles’ Nicole Gibbs and Las Vegas’ Asia Muhammad.

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