Indian Wells Tennis Garden

March 23 - 30, 2024



Preparing homeschool & hybrid student-athletes for life through flexible, high-quality classes in a faith-based environment. 

At Ethos School, we partner with parents to shape their child’s life – spiritually, socially, and academically – through a flexible, personalized online education experience that is high-quality, relational, and engaging. Ethos School’s online education model is highly beneficial for parents of elite athletes. With the rigorous training and competition schedules that come with being a top athlete, traditional in-person classroom education can often become a challenge to balance. Ethos online education provides the flexibility to create a personalized academic schedule that fits around a student’s training and competition commitments. This means that parents of elite high school tennis athletes can rest assured that their child’s academic progress is not compromised while pursuing their athletic dreams. Moreover, with Ethos online education, parents can have peace of mind knowing that their child is receiving a customized, top-notch education that can help them excel both on and off the court.

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