Indian Wells Tennis Garden

March 25 - April 1, 2023

Banerjee, Samir


General questions (11)

Rancho Las Palmas Resort & Spa

  • Address: 42000 Bob Hope Dr, Rancho Mirage, CA 92270 (760) 862 4531.
  • Fee: $20.00
  • Additional Information: $20 Stringing available on site. Hitting Lessons available: $75/hour, $40/half hour.
  • Contact Information: Please contact Elliot Pegg, Director of tennis at

Embassy Suites

  • Address:
  • Fee: $5.00 per person per hour
  • Contact Information: Please call Ken for advance reservations at 760-485-0878

Palm Desert Tennis Club

  • Address: 48240 Racquet Ln, Palm Desert, CA 92260
  • Fee: $10 per hour after 11 am daily.
  • Additional Information: High performance hitting lessons are also available for $55 per hour.
  • Contact Information: Please call Melanie at 760-678-1218

Palm Valley Country Club

  • Address: 39205 Palm Valley Dr, Palm Desert, CA 92211
  • Fee: $10.00
  • Additional Information: Practice courts before matches begin are available on MATCH COURTS ONLY at a first come first served basis beginning at 7 am. Reservations can be taken beginning Thursday, March 26. Players will be assigned courts on a first-come, first-served policy. Players will be allowed entrance to the Palm Valley Country Club. Mention Easter Bowl at the guard gate for access and directions. Practice courts are available prior to March 27 for a $10 per hour fee.
  • Contact Information: Please call 760-345-2745.

College of the Desert

  • Address: 43900 San Pablo Ave, Palm Desert, CA 92260
  • Fee: Free
  • Additioanl Information: College of the Desert will allow our Easter Bowl participants to practice at the site for NO FEE beginning Friday Mar. 27 through Tuesday Mar. 31. Easter Bowl Participants will use the court for practice on an unregulated basis. If others are waiting, players should share the court.

Palm Desert Community Center

  • Address: 43900 San Pablo Palm Desert
  • Fee: Free
  • Additional Information: These are community courts and regulations are posted at the site. Please observe regulations especially if others are waiting.

Additional Sites: Some days matches finish in the early afternoon such as: La Quinta, the Marriot, and the Desert Princess. Check with the site director for free practice courts when matches are finished for the day.

B18 Singles Champion:
US Open Junior Singles Main Draw
One (1) Men’s USTA ATP80/ATP90 Singles Main Draw
One (1) Men’s USTA 25K Singles Main Draw

B18 Singles Finalist
One (1) Men’s USTA 25K Singles Main Draw
One (1) Men’s USTA 15K Singles Main Draw

G18 Singles Champion:
US Open Juniors Singles Main Draw
One (1) Women’s USTA 60k Singles Main Draw
One (1) Women’s USTA 25K Singles Main Draw

G18 Singles Finalist
ONe (1) Women’s USTA 15k Singles Main Draw

B16 Singles Champion
One (1) Men’s USTA 15K Singles Main Draw

B16 Singles Finalist
One Men’s USTA 15K Singles Qualifying

G16 Singles Champion
One (1) Junior ITF Grade 1 College Park (International Hard Court Championship) Singles Main Draw

G16 Singles Finalist
One(1) Junior ITF Grade 4 TBD Singles Main Draw

G14 Singles Champion
One (1) Junior ITF Grade 4 TBD Singles Main Draw

USTA Merit-based Wild Cards
The USTA has a formal system of merit-based wild cards in order to create developmental and progression opportunities for our best American players. Please click the “more info” button to learn more about this system and see what wild cards have been allocated to top finishers of the Easter Bowl.

Here is the link to the wild card information: Wild Cards 2019

Players may enter more than one division. They will try to put you in the older division first, if you don’t qualify then they will try to put you in the lower age division. If you are not selected in that you will be placed on the younger age division alternate list. You can also enter the ITF event but you can not be in the qualifying for that and play in the 12-16 divisions.

If you have entered the Easter Bowl and another level 3 event, you will need to decide by Tuesday, March 12th what event you would like to stay in. Please email the Tournament Director with your decision.

Wilson Heavy Duty – Boys 12s/14s/16s, Boys ITF

Wilson Regular Duty – Girls 12s/14s/16s, Girls ITF

On-Site at Indian Wells Tennis Garden. Please call (760) 200-8200 ext. 1 for information.

You must get approval from the on-site referee.  Do not tell anyone at the desk and think you have properly defaulted.  Do not call the desk to withdraw.  Unless you speak to the referee IN PERSON, it will be counted as a “No-Show”.

Yes, proper tennis attire should always be worn (such as tennis shorts or skirt and tennis shirts) by all participants.  No gym shorts will be allowed on the court.  No spandex.

All ITF players must wear appropriate clothing (no t-shirts) and partners must wear similar colors (shorts to shorts and shirt to shirt).  Acceptance for doubles follows ITF regulations.  Logo requirements will be enforced.

Food will be available at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden and additional snacks will be sold at the additional match sites.

Yes, you must fill out a USTA Medical Release form when you register.  Please fill out the form, have your parent sign it and bring it with you to Registration.

Medical Release forms will also be available at Registration.

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